10 years of Deutschlandstipendium

"Thank you" for ten years of Deutschlandstipendium in Hildesheim!

In 2011, the Deutschlandstipendium programme was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Ever since the HAWK college and the University of Hildesheim take part in this programme with the support of Hildesheimer citiziens, companies and foundations. Since than many students of both universities were awarded with the Deutschlandstipendium. Today it is our turn to say thank you to the city of Hildesheim for their fundings.

The campaign started by hanging-up the city hall banner on May 5th 2021. Mid-May both universites of Hildesheim and scholars of the Deutschlandstipendium say their ‘thank you’s by posters hanging in the city. In June other activities will ensue, in which donators and scholars can express their gratitudes personally. Until than the smiling faces on the ‘thank you’ posters are representative for the growing community of donators and scholars of the Deutschlandstipendium programme.

Video: Julia Dittrich


Fotos: Larissa Alija

Public - Issue 7/2021

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