Faculty 4 - Courses of Study

The faculty 4 offers a variety of courses within the areas of mathematics, natural sciences, economics, computer science and technology education.

The main focuses are courses in Information Technology (IT), Environmental Sciences and STEM teacher education.

Within the area of information technology we offer four study programs: CApplied computer science« »Information Management & Information Technology« and »Information Systems«, both on Bachelor and Master levels (B.Sc. / M.Sc.; German: »Angewandte Informatik« / »Informationsmanagement and Informationstechnologie« / »Wirtschaftsinformatik«). Stating with the winter semester 2016/17 we also offer an »International Master's Program in Data Analytics« taught completely in English.

In Environmental Sciences we offer »Environmental preservation« (»Umweltsicherung«) on the Bachelor level (within the two-subject-Bachelor of Science below) and »Environment, nature protection and sustainability education« (»Umwelt, Naturschutz und Nachhaltigkeitsbildung«) on the Master level (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

The University of Hildesheim also offers a two-subject-Bachelor-course with a large variety of subjects. The faculty 4 contributes to this Bachelor-course with the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Technology education and Economics. If the main subject is one of these subjects, a Bachelor of Science is awarded (otherwise, a Bachelor of Arts). The two-subject-Bachelor of Science can be combined with either a teacher education focus (qualifying for subsequent studies of a Master of Education) or a professional focus, e.g. »Environmental preservation« (»Umweltsicherung«) named above.

Despite a small part of classes being tought in English, a good command of the German language is neccessary to study the courses currently offered, except for the »International Master's Program in Data Analytics«. The International Office (IO) of the University of Hildesheim will be glad to offer assitance to any students form abroad if they are interested in studying here - both full-time and as an exchange student.

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