Software Development for Mathematics Lessons

If you are looking for computer based learning programs for mathematical lessons, you will find several programs. Because German parents can spend more money for educational software than most schools, the German publishers mainly aim at the home market by adding many multimedia features to their software. Even if this software acts as a replacement for private tuition, most programs can’t react adequate on simple errors made by the pupils – even though this would be the key to correct the underlying misconceptions.

Within the research project “software development for mathematical lessons” (German acronym: SEMU) the Institute of Mathematics and Applied Computer Science at Hildesheim University develops a computer based learning system, which helps the pupils to learn mathematics and support their teachers to do their work. Based on the results of our diagnostic routines, the learning program adapts to the problems of the pupils and informs the teachers about the problems in their class.

Right now, a series of such systems are available at the German market. The different programs adapt to different school books by the German publisher “Schroedel” and focus on fractional arithmetic.

How does it work?