Bachelor, master and project theses

We always have interesting topics for bachelor, master and project theses available for students. Usually, the topics are tightly integrated with our ongoing research and teaching activities. Thus, we can not only assure good supervision, but also that the finished thesis will not collect dust, but gets some real use.

We have several systems for research and teaching that are under constant development. Some of these systems are actively developed in collaboration with our partners at other universities.

I addition to our suggestions, we are always open for individual, innovative ideas from students who want to write their theses with us.

Questions, ideas, interest? Talk to us.


You have a computer with a touch-sensitive display? Or a video projector, a WII-controller and an infrared pen? Or just a computer with mouse and keyboard? Then you can use ShareBoard.

ShareBoard is a digital whiteboard to support teamwork. Several ShareBoard instances can be coupled, so that you can work on diagrams, pictures, drawings together with your friends and colleagues on the other side of the world.

Possible thesis topics include:


You like to work undisturbed while being "in the flow", but still want to take part in gossiping during coffee break? You are annoyed that you had to climb down into the basement for three times, just to see that your neighbor is already using the shared washing machine?

Contextualized systems are able to distinguish different situations and react adequately. They can learn to sense the interruptibility status of persons and show your colleagues when better not to disturb you. They can help to automate the house, or to help us live independently in our own flat when we grow old (Ambient Assisted Living). 

The Context-Aware Environment (CAKE) is a framework to build such contextualized and ambient systems. CAKE can be coupled with different sensors and actuators and make use of artificially intelligent components to reason about the state of the world.

Possible topics for theses include:


You want to work with your data on different devices and share data selectively with other people? You would like to watch pictures on your smartphone in a different resolution than on your desktop PC? You would like to have a search that gives you information about a hotel in Paris, and not always show you certain people when you search for Paris Hilton? You want to show pictures from your smartphone on your TV without having to configure the network or having to log onto an unknown WLAN?

If so, then NEMO and LADI could be interesting for you. NEMO is the Network Environment for Multimedia Objects, and allows for a personalized, semantically rich, contextualized and device-independent access to and manipulation of multimedia objects.

LADI is a system for location-centric (and not network-centric) interaction of different devices. You can use your smartphone to control a presentation on a PC with attached video projector, even although both devices are connected to different networks.

Possible topics for theses:

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