Alexandre Hanft


Short CV

June 1995 final secondary-school examinations (Abitur) in Berlin
Aug 1995 - Aug 1996 civilian service at hospital Evangelische Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge
Oct 1996 - Nov 2004 study of computer science at Humboldt University of Berlin, finished with Diplom (comparable to M.Sc.)
May 1998 - April 2002 student research assistant at Artificial Intelligence Lab (Prof. Burkhard) at department of computer science at Humboldt University of Berlin
Dec 2004 - now research assistant at the institute of computer science at University of Hildesheim

research interests

Case-based Reasoning (CBR), especially Textual CBR, adaptation, retrieval and maintenance;
Collaborative Multi-Expert Systems (CoMES);
process-oriented knowledge management;
Databases; (semantic) wikis;

GnuPG Key

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