Theses (BSc/MSc)

To acquire a thesis topic from the Department of Information Systems and Enterprise Modeling (ISUM) , you can pursue different strategies. First, you can ask Mr. Julien Hofer for open topics (see Central Coordination). For a more targeted assignment of topics, you are welcome to orient yourself in advance to the research  interests of the scientific staff of the department:

In addition, it is also possible to submit your own topic proposals for a thesis or topic proposals in cooperation with companies, which have to be checked in terms of suitability and quality.

Central Coordination

Mr. Julien Hofer is responsible for the coordination of theses (B. Sc. and M. Sc. Information Systems). For questions or other concerns, please contact him at: julien.hofer(at)


We urge you to use the following templates for your theses respectively presentations as the correspondance of your submission respectively presentation to these templates is a key evaluation criterion.

  • Word Template, here (last update: 08.03.2019)
  • PowerPoint Template, here (last update: 18.01.2019)

Application for Admission to a Thesis

Application forms are available at the website of the (Examination Office) Prüfungsamts 4