Peter Düker


Doctoral Candidate /  Competence Center for Regional Teacher Development (CeLeB)  [Management] 

Building N, Room N328

Universitätsplatz 1, 31141 Hildesheim

Email: dueker[at]

Phone: 05121-883-92510



I am the right person to contact if you...

  • Are interested in the project "NanoBiNE - nanotechnologies in the context of education for sustainable development"
  • Want to visit one of our student laboratories. Because of the DBU-funded project "NanoBiNE", we will be able to offer our "NanoScience" lab again from February to April 2017. Sign up and we will make an appointment together for an exciting trip to the nano world.
  • Fragen zum Projektband "Inklusion als Herausforderung im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht" haben
  • Have questions about the project volume "Inclusion as a Challenge in Science Teaching"
  • Want to participate in teacher training on inclusion in science education
  • Are interested in a completely different topic and are looking for the right contact person