Dear Prospective Undergraduates,

For all chemistry-related courses, we offer a free pre-course to help you get started and prepare you for your studies.

Target Groups

Applicants for the programs and subjects:

  • Chemistry in polyvalent Two-subject Bachelor's degree course with and without the teacher training option (B.A. and B.Sc.)
  • Environmental Protection (B.Sc.)


In addition to the orientation on the objectives of the field of study, the preparatory course serves to repeat and update your previous knowledge so that you are fully prepared for your studies. Participation is especially recommended if the previous school did not have upper-level chemistry courses.


  • Will be announced

Registration and Contact

Please register for the preliminary course by contacting these lecturers of the chemistry department:

jan.hinrichs(at) | Dr. Jan Hinrichs

menthe(at) | Prof. Dr. Jürgen Menthe

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the chemistry department at any time using the following email address: fschemie(at)