General information about teaching studies at the University of Hildesheim is available from the Zentrale Studienberatung. Here you will also find the current examination and study regulations.

Chemistry Studies

You should have knowledge, skills, and abilities in these areas:

  • The theoretical and experimental foundations of general and inorganic chemistry

  • Physical chemistry

  • Organic chemistry 

This also includes basic knowledge of safety and disposal regulations and accident prevention measures.

The students will also be taught competencies in special areas and subjects of chemistry. They will acquire knowledge of philosophical, epistemological, and research methodological contexts in the field of chemistry, including:

  • History

  • Historical and Modern Theories

  • Research Methods

  • Impact and Relevance of Chemistry

With regard to the education and methodology of chemistry, the students should acquire knowledge in the area of chemistry education and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities about the content and function of chemical mediation experiments.

Furthermore, the students are actively involved in research currently taking place in the department.

In addition, the students of the subject: Teaching chemistry in elementary school will learn:

  • Chemical Knowledge 

  • Skills and abilities regarding the professional execution of selected experiments as well as education and methodical reflection on the possibilities of embedding in chemical mediation contexts and knowledge.

  • Abilities and skills related to the content, teaching objectives and methods in elementary school teaching