Work Group - Science Education Research

Science Education Seminars

Together with the biology department, Professor Anke Meisert's working group holds regular seminars for the presentation and discussion of their research as well as the analysis of current science education. Currently, the topic of "Information Literacy" is the focus of the seminars. 

Cooperation with the University of Southhampton & University Regensburg

Together with Professor Marcus Grace and Professor Arne Dittmer, we are examining the meaning of the digitalization of information procurement and the judgment and decision making of young people. The goal is to develop a concept of "Information Literacy" tailored to science education while taking into account the peculiarity of scientific content and its depiction in everyday decisions. It is also important that at the same time we increase our understanding of evaluation competencies, essential routines, and prior experience based input finds.

The instructional teaching of the department of chemistry is closely related to the research work of the department. In the seminars, the focus of the various teachers (BnE, evaluation skills, inclusive scientific education, student laboratories) is incorporated in many ways. For example, the chemistry department regularly offers project tapes (for example, inclusion as a scientific challenge, "climate change - Fake News? understanding, decision making, design in science education") to anyone that may find them helpful.

There are currently three doctoral theses in the field of didactic research:

Sina Gomez Thews: The Common Subject in Inclusive Science Education

Peter Düker:

Christina Priert: