Work Group - Methods Workshop

Members Prof. Dr. Jürgen Menthe, Peter Düker, Sina Gómez Thews und Christina Priert

What do we do in the Methods Workshop?

During our regular meetings, we deal with both the theory and qualitative methods of social research, as well as the application of this concrete data. Our focus is on documentary methods, objective hermeneutics, and metaphor analysis. In order to broaden our horizons, we are constantly on the lookout for researchers who are interested and want to bring their materials and analytical approaches to the workshop for discussion.


You are invited to attend our methods workshop! For further information please get in touch with Ms. Gómez Thews.

Upcoming Meetings

Methodenwerkstatt in Lüneburg

Am 3. April 2019 findet die Methodenwerkstatt in Lüneburg mit Hannes Sander statt.

Dokumentarische Methode

Inhalt des Haupttextes.