Inclusion as a Scientific Challenge

Research Workshop within the project "Inclusive Teacher Education" (iLeb) of the Center for Teacher Education (Celeb) and the Platform Future Inclusion (Zinc)

"Germany, along with the commitment made under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to create an inclusive education system, has tasked higher education institutions with reforming teacher education in its entirety. With the project "Inclusive Teacher Training" (iLeb), a cooperative project between the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research (CeLeB) and the Platform for Future Inclusion (ZINK), the University of Hildesheim is able to meet these challenges. As part of the project, approaches to inclusive teacher education are being developed and implemented, and research efforts have been set for dealing with questions of inclusive education and school development. "

("Inclusive Teacher Training“ (iLeb): <link celeb/inklusive-lehrer-innenbildung-ileb/)></link>)

One component of the interdisciplinary project "iLeb" in the summer semester 2016 was the establishment of research and development workshops "in which a process of research-based learning, integration-sensitive approaches to teaching, and school development, were developed in cooperation with educational sciences and subject didactics."

"Inclusion as a Science Education Challenge" was the title of the workshop offered by the chemistry department. On one hand, it addressed prospective teachers as a specialized seminar, and on the other, as a continuing education course for teachers of the science disciplines, who - on the basis of the students' work - dealt with the question of inclusive teaching design.

The guiding idea was that science education offers specific opportunities as well as challenges for inclusive settings. At the same time, in normal University classes, special education teachers and perspective specialist teachers come together. How can these different perspectives complement each other in the sense of an inclusive perspective?

In order to be able to consider the various perspectives on inclusion, the workshop was carried out by a multi-professional team of special education specialists, seminar specialists, and didactic experts. 

With the winter semester 2016/17, the workshop format was anchored as a venture in teaching studies. Students develop inclusive teaching units and accompanying research questions which they investigate largely independently. The educational video-graphs created in the practical phase are integrated into the case archive HILDE and serve as input for teacher training for inclusion in science education.

The consolidation of the workshop in project tape format allows a growing pool of lesson plans for inclusive learning groups in science education. This is available to interested teachers.

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