Chair of Economics and Economics Education: About us

The Chair of Economics and Economics Education at the University of Hildesheim is actively engaged in the fields of economics and economics education. Our mission statement reflects this multifaceted profile.

Mission statement

The guiding principles of our work at the Chair of Economics and Economics Education are openness, pluralism, activity orientation and target-group orientation, up-to-dateness, and interdisciplinarity. We believe that a state-of-the-art economics education needs to be anchored both in economics as well as economics education research and practice. We consequently follow our mission objectives on all levels of our professional activity:

  • Training future and active teachers in modern economics as well as social science teaching methodology.
  • Developing both professionally as well as scientifically relevant skills in undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Qualifying our junior scientific staff for their future careers.
  • Providing practically important research results.

Given that we do research into teaching, teach how to teach, and teach how to do research, our research profile and our teaching profile are deeply interconnected.

Research Profile

The composition of our team and our research output are not by accident but by design of an interdisciplinary nature and focused on several topics. We use multiple methods, mainly from economics and social psychology. While the focus is on theory-based empirical and experimental research we also do historical or theoretical research.

Teaching Profile

We aim at qualifying students and our junior scientific staff in modern economics and social-science teaching methodology and at helping them to develop professionally relevant and scientific skills. The main topics of our teaching are based on the relevant core curricula of the state of Lower Saxony and overlap with our research interests and topics.


University of Hildesheim, Chair of Economics and Economics Education, Samelsonplatz 1, 31141 Hildesheim, Germany

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