March 31, 2013: Last possibility to register at the reduced conference fee.

April 5, 2013: Last day for transferring the reduced conference fee.

April 30, 2013: Last day for transferring conference fees. After this date we  kindly ask you to pay cash when you arrive.

All conference sessions will take place in room HS 27 (“Ackerpferdestall”) on the university campus Domaene Marienburg. Lunch will be served in the room next to it (HS 28).

The conference fees include:

Admission to all conference sessions, shuttle service from the Domaene Marienburg to downtown Hildesheim for suppers, coffee breaks, lunch, and supper.
Please note that the costs for a cab from the train station to the Domaene Marienburg or to your hotel are not included.

Conference Program


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


May 23, 2013


May 24, 2013


May 25, 2013



Arrival of the conference participants

Linguistic Strategies for the Realization of Face Work in Italian Tweets

(Nadine Rentel)

“Es una lástima que trolls anónimos estén ensuciando el blog con comentarios racistas y ofensivos” – The Collaborative Construction of an Outsider in the Blogosphere of Latin American Immigrants to Québec, Canada

(Bettina Kluge)



Guided city tour

(10:30am -noon)

Speak Your Mind, but Watch Your Mouth: Complaints in CouchSurfing References

(Daria Dayter / Sofia Rüdiger)

Folk Linguistics in French Online Forums: Face Work Strategies in the Negotiation of Expert-Layman Relations

(Melanie Kunkel)



Coffee break

Coffee break



Shared Face and Face Enhancing Behaviour in Social Media: Commenting on the Spanish Goalkeeper’s Tears on YouTube

(Kristina Bedijs)

On the Role of Politeness in Online Tutoring. Utterance and Perception of Face Threats in Learning Contexts

(Gesa Linnemann / Benjamin Brummernhenrich / Regina Jucks)




“You Sound Very Talented” – Negotiating Face and Doing Face Work in Online Message Boards

(Jenny Arendholz)


(Patricia Yazigi)






Resume of the Conference

(Kristina Bedijs, Christiane Maaß/ Gudrun Held) Lunch – Departure of the conference participants




(Kristina Bedijs / Christiane Maaß / Gudrun Held)

Politeness and Face Work in Discussion Boards

(Claus Ehrhardt)




Relational Work and the Display of Multilingualism in Two Facebook Groups

(Miriam Locher / Brook Bolander)

Face Work in French and Italian Online Comments

(Verena Thaler)




Coffee break

Coffee break




Figura or Face – Critical Remarks on Two Socio-Pragmatic Key-Concepts and Study of Some Virtual Negotiation-Strategies in Italian Online-Postings Concerning the Reactions to the Schettino Conflict

(Gudrun Held)

“Gracias eres un amorrrrrrrrrr”: Face Work in Spanish Internet Forum Communication

(Christiane Maaß)




Face Work and Flaming in Social Media

(Uta Helfrich)

Multimodality of Facework in Spanish Internet Forum Communication

(Uta Fröhlich)



Visit to the “Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum” for participants who arrive early *


Coffee break

Coffee break




Language Perception, Subject Emergence and Face Work in French Linguistic Discussion Boards

(Martina Schrader-Kniffki)

„Hofnarr“ and „Bürgerschreck“ versus „kamir-batir“ and „barakobamas“ – Face Work Strategies, Stylization and Representation in Russian and German Discussion Boards (,,,

(Beatrix Kreß)




Resume of the Day

(Kristina Bedijs / Christiane Maaß / Gudrun Held)

Resume of the Day

(Kristina Bedijs / Christiane Maaß / Gudrun Held)


06:00 pm

Supper in the restaurant “NIL im Museum”

Shuttle service to downtown Hildesheim for supper

Shuttle service to downtown Hildesheim for supper



* Meeting point: Entrance hall of the museum (Am Steine 1-2, 31134 Hildesheim). The admission fee for the museum is € 10.

Meeting point: In front of the Tourist Information Center (“Tempelhaus”) on Town Hall Square in downtown Hildesheim.