Institut für englische Sprache und Literatur

ENGLISH for the teaching profession: this is the main focus of the English Department at Hildesheim University. We are concerned with the study of language, English Literature and New Literatures from around the world, Cultural Studies of the English-speaking world, the theory of teaching, and, of course, the practical application of theory for teaching and learning. Above all, we are concerned with all who need to learn – that is with school-children, students, teachers and lecturers. Life-long learning!

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Support / Contact information:

Student Advisory Service, EAL Advisory Service

PD Dr. Marco Schilk        

Dr. James McKenzie

Pastoral Tutor
Dr. Maximiliane Frobenius

Certification Stay Abroad
Revert Klattenberg, Dr. Janet McLaughlin

Learning Agreements ERASMUS
PD Dr. Marco Schilk

Kutztown incoming and outgoing co-ordinator
Dr. James McKenzie

DAAD Tests
Dr. James McKenzie, Cirsten Carlson

Dr. Janet McLaughlin, Dr. Maximiliane Frobenius

Master of Education 'GHR 300' Englisch
Joanna Hirst-Plein (GS, RS, OS, IGS)

Zertifikat Bilinguales Lehren und Lernen
Alina Wegner

Fachschaft Englisch

Anker Peers

Zentrale Studienberatung