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Room: LN 222 - Neubau Bühler-Campus
Consultation time: Di, 4.8., 9-10 Uhr; Mi, 26.8., 9-10 Uhr; Mi, 7.10., 9-10 Uhr via BBB:
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Multilingual Challenges: Students from Sweden, Ghana and Germany
Foto: M. Precht
Linn Areskoug, University of Uppsala/Sweden, Viola Georgi
Foto: M. Precht
Foto: M. Precht

Research interests

  • German as a Second Language
  • Multilingualism
  • Language acquisition
  • Authenticity

Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • Shaping Changes - language promotion and development as an integral element of innovative Teacher Training in Lower Saxony, supported by the Mercator Institute for Language Promotion and German as a Second Language at the University of Cologne, Mar 2014 to Feb 2017. For more Information, see here: 
  • Language Acquisition in Asylum Camps 
  • Inclusive and separate schooling for L2-learners, Nov 2016 to April 2017
  • Research and Training: Students interview multilingual pupils. Winter semester 2012/2013, supported by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony
  • WindH: Training in University Teaching. Summer semester 2012 to Summer semester 2015 

Summer Schools, International Lectures

Summer School Multilingualism and Diversity Education 2019
with Elena Nicoladis, Tanja Kupisch, Henrik Gyllstad

The Multilingualism and Diversity Lectures 2017
with Ofelia Garcia, Ricardo Otheguy, Jeanine Treffers-Daller, Michael Daller, Harald Clahsen

Summer School Multilingualism and Diversity Education 2016
with Aneta Pavlenko, Rita Franceschini, Konrad Ehlich, Viola Georgi, Kristin Kersten


F. Abdulazim: Operatoren; Cotutelle mit der Ain Shams Universität Kairo, Ägypten; weitere Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Madbouly Selmy, Dr. Nagi
B. Graßer: Sprachliche Bildung in Kindertagesstätten (Arbeitstitel)
A. Junghans
B. Roshanipor: Learner strategies for German as L2
L. Tschudinovski: Konzepte im mehrsprachigen Lexikon (Arbeitstitel)

K. Glaubitz: Genus (Supervisor: U. Bredel)
A. Salgo: Suprasegmentalia im DaF-Erwerb (Supervisor: U. Hirschfeld, U Halle)
M. Herh: Linguistic Landscape as a Source of Authentic Input for Promoting Second Language Learner’s Competences

Cotutelle, oral exams
Ertek, B., U Rouen, France/Marmara U Istanbul, Turkey (Supervisor: Akinci, M.-A., U Rouen): Multilingual Lexicon Acquisition, 2017
Squillante, L., U Roma, Italien (Supervisors: U. Heid, SUH; F. Casadei, U Roma): Syntax and Semantics vs. Statistics for Italian Multiword Expressions: Empirical Prototypes and Extraction Strategies, 2015

Curriculum Vitae

  • Professor (W2) for German as a Second Language at University of Hildesheim
  • Junior Professor (W1) for German as a Foreign Language/Multilingualism at University for Education of Heidelberg
  • Research associate at the Institute for German Language and Literature at University for Education of Karlsruhe
  • Research consultant at the Ministry for Science and Education of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • PhD degree at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  • Staff member at the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships
  • Master's degree ("Magister Artium") in German philology/Linguistics, Journalism and Dramatics at the Free University of Berlin

Positions at the University of Hildesheim

Other fields of activity

Scientific Societies:

  • Society for Applied Linguistics 
  • Professional Association for Foreign Language 
  • German Linguistic Society 

Reviewer for:

  • AQAS
  • DAAD
  • European Journal of Applied Linguistics, Hamburg/Utrecht
  • Fonds Nationale de la Recherche du Luxembourg
  • “Hamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity”, John Benjamins, Amsterdam
  • International Conference of Turkish Linguistics ICTL, 2014
  • International Journal of Bilingualism
  • International Journal of Multilingualism
  • Journal of Applied Linguistics
  • National Research Foundation, South Africa