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Daiana Martínez Monteleone: What do overhead lines reveal?

"Overhead lines belong in Germany since the 1920s to the anthropogenic landscape elements. Due to the increased energy-demand, so-called "electricity highways" are currently being planned to cross the country from north to south. However, this project has been delayed for years: among other Reasons, plenty of the local initiatives concentrate on the claim to lay the cables underground, which will replace the widely tested technology of the Pylons by laying cables at a depth of 1.50 m.

Beyond the - sharply discussed - technical arguments such as the questioning of the necessity of the project itself and its indispensability for energy transition, the comparison of the two technologies in matters of environmental protection, agricultural activity, human health, etc., stands out among the plea for the underground alternative, their absence of impairment of landscapes. This argument constitutes the focus of my reflection. [...]"

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