Studying at the Institute for Cultural Policy

Students at the Institute for Cultural Policy acquire theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge about the structures and concepts of cultural policy, cultural management and cultural mediation. They become familiar with central discourses, challenges and research questions and develop the ability to reflect on content in a qualified manner, adopt their own attitudes and develop their own strategies.

During their studies, students set individual specialisations within the three pillars of the institute: 

  • Cultural policy deals with the framework conditions of art and cultural creation and the relationship between culture, art and politics. State and non-profit institutions and funding structures - such as cultural offices, cultural foundations or the Goethe-Institut - are examined and strategies for action are analysed. In addition to the practical examination, cultural policy theories and discourses are analysed and reflected upon in a transdisciplinary manner.
  • With the establishment of the UNESCO Chair, the Institute places a special focus on foreign cultural policy. The seminars teach and discuss the practices and debates of international cultural policy and the working methods of international cultural mediation organisations. To this end, the UNESCO Chair has developed its own Bachelor's degree programme in Cultural Studies and Artistic Practice, the Bachelor-Plus variant

  • In Cultural Management, students acquire practical skills in the areas of marketing, PR, audience development, financing, event planning and project management. They also learn the basics of cultural leadership and cultural entrepreneurship as well as basic knowledge of empirical research and evaluation. 

  • Cultural education deals with both theoretical and practical approaches to art and cultural education and examines the effects of artistic and aesthetic creation on different target groups.

The Institute for Cultural Policy encourages students to apply the discourses and theories taught and discussed in the seminars to practical projects. This can be the development of cultural development strategies for districts or cities, the design and implementation of workshops for museum visitors, the development of marketing concepts for a festival or the evaluation of a cultural education programme. 

In so-called teaching research projects, students can work together with lecturers on current research projects at the institute.

Cultural mediation | Master of Arts (M.A.)

The Master's degree programme in Cultural Mediation (M.A.) is the only one of its kind in Germany and gives students the opportunity to acquire in-depth academic, artistic-creative and cultural management skills. You will reflect on and develop concepts of cultural mediation and realise your own research project in an environment that offers a wide range of stimuli with its other artistic and academic degree programmes. more.

German-French double master's programme in cultural mediation /Médiation culturelle des arts

In cooperation with the Aix-Marseille Université in France, the University of Hildesheim offers this binational Master's degree programme for internationally interested students, which also includes an international doctoral college. On this exciting study programme, students spend two semesters in Marseille and two semesters in Hildesheim and graduate with both a German and a French Master's degree. more

Bachelor Plus Programme "Cultural Studies & Artistic Practice - Cultural Policy in International Comparison"

Are you interested in the international comparison of cultural policy models, the role of art and culture in social transformation processes or international artistic co-productions as well as international concepts of cultural mediation, cultural organisation and cultural management? Would you like to specialise in the examination of cultural policy levels and the impact of artistic practice? more.

Further degree programmes

The subject Cultural Policy is offered in these degree programmes. more.

Study area: Internship and cultural field of work

Professional practice in the cultural studies degree programmes.more.

Current courses of the institute

Here you can find our current courses. more.

Autumn Academy

A special format: with everything & between excursion and retreat. more.

Summer Academy Cultural Policy Studies

An international meeting place for students and postgraduates. more.

Theory Arena

An immersive arena of cultural studies theories. more.

Artistic interventions in cultural education

Sustainable implementation of artistic expertise for cultural education in schools and cultural institutions: The scholarship programme "Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education" - qualification and certificate for artists from various disciplines at the University of Hildesheim, funded by Stiftung Mercator. more.


Hildesheim on site

A cultural-political salon. more

Audio project

Experience exciting listening experiences in student audio productions. more.


Cultural Mediation Student Council

The student representatives of the Master's programme in Cultural Mediation introduce themselves. more.