In our research work, we deal with questions of cultural policy in close connection with topics of cultural mediation, cultural management and cultural education. One focus is cultural participation research with related topics in the field of audience development, cultural mediation and cultural education. Another focus is postcolonially oriented cultural policy studies, among other things against the background of a transformation of traditional knowledge orders. Furthermore, the Institute has established itself as a central research unit in the field of cultural policy studies and cultural mediation in an international context and comparison, particularly in the context of the UNESCO Chair.

Other research topics include culture and the labour market, culture in rural regions and cultural tourism.


KuSe is a three-year BMBF-funded project (2024-2026) which aims to make visible the practice of cultural self-sufficiency among youths in the face of social transformations. more.

In Situ: Researching the innovative power of the cultural and creative industries in rural areas

The Institute for Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim is participating in the Europe-wide research project IN SITU, which aims to identify and understand the needs and potential of cultural work in rural areas and the creative industries. more.

Doing a PhD at the Institute for Cultural Policy

Information for potential doctoral candidates. more

UNESCO-Chair "Cultural policy for the arts in development processes"

The Chair deals with cultural policy issues and challenges of increasingly diverse societies, linking thematic fields of foreign and domestic cultural policy. more


Our institute publication Kultur.Politik.Diskurs provides insights into our current academic projects and research results. more

Completed research projects

A selection of successful research projects at the Institute for Cultural Policy. more