Network of Arts Education Research (Netzwerk Forschung Kulturelle Bildung)

The Network of Arts Education Research was founded in 2010 in order to create a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on questions and research in the field of Cultural Education. Its main goals are networking and professional discussions across disciplinary borders and the transfer into practice. Main elements of the network are conferences, colloquiums, a coordination circle and topic clusters. Its website and newsletter offer an overview of the research field of cultural education, of recent publications, events, jobs, calls and other networking opportunities.

The Network of Arts Education Research is committed to the following principles:

  • Enhance theory and methods
  • Deepen the exchange between researchers and practitioners
  • Promote young academics

Since its foundation in 2010, the Network organizes yearly conferences with alternating Network partners and topics. There are discounted participation fees for students as well as opportunities to expand their network and to get inspired regarding their studies.

An important part of the Network is a colloquium of researchers who are working on their PhD theses in different subjects, disciplines and with various methods. Researchers work together regularly in meetings, which are based on the concept of constructive feedback similar to the idea of the “critical friend”. As guests of the colloquium, students gain insights into current dissertation projects and the wide range of subjects within Cultural Education. Thereby they get a glimpse of the dissertation process and whether it would be an option.

The colloquium is scientifically accompanied by representatives of the coordination circle – one of the Network’s supporting pillars. The coordination circle counts about 10 members that contribute their expertise and engagement not just in regards to the colloquium, but to the conferences’ scientific committees and publications.

Furthermore, the following format offers networking opportunities: topic clusters invite everyone to an intensive exchange on a thematic focus, as for example inclusion, diversity, ages and participation. There is the possibility to contact the clusters’ speakers or else to originate a new topic cluster.

On the Network’s website you find detailed informations about its activities and further networking opportunities: On the one hand it presents links to online platforms, mailing lists or newsletter relevant to the field of Cultural Education. On the other hand there is space for calls from researchers and practitioners, students and doctoral candidates looking for exchange on a research subject or a method, for scientific supervision, contact persons or cooperation partners.

Everyone interested is invited to contact the Network with calls, questions or contributions to the newsletter and to join actively – as a cluster’s founder, colloquium’s participant, future Network partner or speaker at the next conference.