Performing Sustainabilty. Cultures and Development in West-Africa

DAAD Graduate School (2016 - 2025)  

University of Maiduguri (Nigeria), University of Cape Coast (Ghana) and University of Hildesheim (Germany)


The interdisciplinary Graduate School ‘Performing Sustainability’ is a collaborative training network for graduate students by the University of Hildesheim (Germany), the University of Maiduguri (Nigeria) and the University of Cape Coast (Ghana).

The initiative focuses on innovative research that brings together approaches from performance, arts and culture to bear on sustainable development as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A specific focus lies on issues of peace and conflict resolution.

The Research Training Group “Performing Sustainability” at University of Hildesheim, University of Maiduguri (Nigeria) and University of Cape Coast (Ghana) has set itself the objective of formulating international research approaches in the field of cultural studies on the SDG with a focus on peace and conflict studies to doctoral and master students in West-Africa in the years from 2016 to 2020. Through a structured PhD program, twelve PhD and six master students will be qualified within the first three years.

All students will consistently mediate and disseminate the acquired knowledge throughout the course of their future academic careers. Following the focus on theory-practice relationship of University of Hildesheim, program participants are encouraged to start working on projects in the educational, socio-cultural or cultural policy field to implement the SDG 16 into their society. As a special feature of the graduate school, a structured PhD program is offered at University of Cape Coast in Ghana at the beginning, a secure place in West Africa. Students of the University of Maiduguri can participate in courses in a protected environment and complete their research projects in Ghana in case the political situation in Nigeria should deteriorate. The long-term aim (starting at 2019) is to move the graduate school at the “Centre for the Study and Promotion of Cultural Sustainability” (CSPCS) at the University of Maiduguri.