International Conference 2023

Entangled Practices 

08.11. und 22. - 24.11.2023

Organisation: Meriam Bousselmi, Jonas Dahm, Sonja Dinter, Ludwig Drosch, Hannah Feiler, Hanne König, Florentine Muhry, Annika Lisa Richter, Kerstin Rode, Meike Schudy, Jocelyne Stahl

The series of events lasting several days offered insights into the diversity of the research perspectives of the Research Training Group 'Aesthetic Practice'. From decolonial, global art history and practices of critical curating, listening and meditation, political forms of staging and movement in public space to speculative approaches to design and art, a kaleidoscope of scientific, artistic and bodily-situational practices emerged. The connection between the New Materialism school of thought and the arts, such as ways of openly entering into a relationship with other (also non-human) beings, was linked to the relationality of the (surrounding) world. The programme also raised questions about solidarity, courage and (in)justice with regard to global knowledge systems, as well as entanglements and histories of entanglement.

The event was organised jointly with the Dommuseum Hildesheim and held in part German and part English. The event took place at the Kulturcampus and the Dommuseum.

Invited speakers

Diane Barbé, Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong, Anke Haarmann, Yvonne Hardt, Claudia Höhl, Monica Juneja, Mareike Kajewski, Torben Körschkes, Alisa Kronberger, Elad Lapidot, Eva Malz, PARA, Lukas Popp, Felix Prinz, Pavla Ralcheva, Raquel Rosildete, Matthias Warstat, Sabine Zielke




Photos: Moritz Frankenberg, Marcus Prell