Franziska Ipfelkofer

PhD Project "Organising the open: Or a praxis of limits. Aristotle – Marx – Poststructuralism – Postmarxism" 

The research started from the impossibility of directly and positively determining a modern concept of praxis, and thus from the necessity of asking about the presuppositions of this essential openness. The impossibility of a modern actualization of the Aristotelian teleological concept of praxis and its binding to a determinable "limit", i.e. to a positive "goal" and to a "purpose of an action" to be pursued autonomously, should thereby become the occasion to pose the question of (immanent) effects of limitation precisely also in relation to - necessarily - non-teleologically structured forms of a specifically modern idea of praxis - in order to think its social, political and aesthetic relevance and productivity from this.



Franziska Ipfelkofer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (fine arts and art education). Subsequently, she worked and lectured at the Department of Art Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.



2019: “HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF REFLECTED IN YOUR WORK?”, in: Kienzle Art Foundation (Hg.), Show 26. The Rise and Fall of the Rise and Fall (Publikation zur Ausstellung von Michael Franz), Berlin, 19–25.

2021: „Wie umgehen mit der Praxistheorie? Fragen zur Methode und Kritik“, in: Michael Corsten (Hg.), Praxis. Ausüben. Begreifen, Weilerswirst: Velbrück, 239–263

2022: „Begriffe von Praxis und Macht bei Butler, Deleuze und Foucault“, in: Michael Franz/Fabian Ginsberg (Hg.), Strategien der Aufstandsbekämpfung. Kunst, Berlin: AKV, 189–220.