Study Programme

The study and qualification model consists of a combination of transdisciplinary, practice-oriented training and research-related courses, promoting practical acquisition of knowledge and experience. The study programme is the result of many years of experience at Hildesheim in the supervision of post-doctoral and PhD students, and is designed so that both interdisciplinary and subject-specific courses are offered. The form and closeness of supervision varies over the course of the PhD: to begin with, the focus is on the inter- and transdisciplinary positioning of the student’s own PhD project and engagement with the academic methods and issues specific to the training group, while nearer the completion of the PhD intensive collaboration with a supervisor becomes increasingly important.

In addition to the interdisciplinary meetings of all participants, the colloquia and the annual conference organised by the PhD students, both of which provide a forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, the study programme comprises three further levels. First, research participation in the semester-long collaborative project unique to Hildesheim (“Projektsemester”), which takes place every two years and in which aesthetic-practice projects are developed and enacted, underlines the relevance of the reciprocal relationship between academic reflection and aesthetic practice for the students’ own research projects. Second, close supervision in decentralised subject groups helps students focus on their own individual research perspective. Finally, e-learning facilities enable students to carry out work and research outside of Hildesheim as well. The programme is rounded off by the teaching of key skills for the students’ academic careers by supervising professors and lecturers, and accompanying reflection on and discussion of academic practice.

Events within the Framework of the Study and Qualification Program

Events of the Current Semester


Winter semester 2023/24


Workshop: Practices of listening and meditation


with Diane Barbé


Guest Lecture: The Ego in Gender Studies. On the Importance of Experience and Experiencing for the Critique of the Gender Order.


by/with Prof.*in Dr.*in Tomke König, Kulturcampus


Workshop: "Speaking about - Speaking from"


with Prof. Dr. Tomke König, Kulturcampus


Methods Workshop: Depicting the fullness of aesthetic practices

09 - 11.11.2023

Kulturcampus, Domäne Marienburg


Method Workshop Sketch Noting /Visualization (Richter, Rode)


with Laura Ohmes and others


Competence workshop to ensure good scientific practice


External trainer: Dr. Kathrin Ruhl

Fourth Intensive Meeting with the Second Doctoral Cohort of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice" (Retreat)


House Sonnenberg, St. Andreasberg

Past Events


Competence Workshop Publishing in Science


External trainer: Dr. Barbara Handke

Competence Workshop (optional): Writing workshop on focusing the research question and outline


External trainer: Dr. Sven Arnold


Methods Workshop Translating as Aesthetic Practice


at the Künstlerhaus Edenkoben


Third Intensive Meeting with the Second Doctoral Cohort of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice



Methods Workshop on Critical Fabulation in the Context of Postcolonial Black Theory (Saidiya Hartman)


with Dr. Ines Kleesattel (Zurich University of the Arts)



Talk on internal university research networking

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Diekmann (Media Studies), Prof. Dr. Britta Hoffarth (Center for Gender Studies)


Second Intensive Meeting of the Research Training Group

First Intensive Meeting with the Second PhD Cohort of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice" (Retreat)


Competence Workshop (optional): Equal opportunities in science

External trainer: Dr. Anna Welpinghus


Research Seminar

Fridays 14:00-18:00, House 3
Dates: 22.04/ 06.05/ 20.05/ 03.06/ 17.06/ 24.06/ 01.07/ 15.07


Competence Workshop (optional): Designing the doctorate as a project

External trainer: Dr. Sarah Weber


Competence Workshop (optional): Communication, Cooperation and Conflict in Doctoral Studies

External trainer: Dr. Andreas Egeling


Talks on professional activity/career between science and art

28.01.2022 (online)
Guests: PD. Dr. Sybille Peters (Fundus Theater Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Maike Gunsilius (Hildesheim) and JProf. Dr. Fiona McGovern


Intensive work meeting of the Kollegiat:innen / writing retreat

Academy Waldschlösschen


Intensive working meeting of the junior scientists

Newhaus Dierhagen


Lecture/Discussion and Theory/Practice-Workshop "Body as Instrument"

with Anna Huber (dancer and choreographer), Valeska Gert Visiting Professor Academy of Arts Berlin


Competence Workshop (Equal Opportunity) "Feminist Critique of Science via the Way of the Body"

Cooperation with the AK Feministische Kritik of the Center for Gender Studies and the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Hildesheim
External trainer: Sunny Graff
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Methods Workshop "Theory and Practice of No-Theater in Zeami's Text ,Kakyō' (The Flower Mirror)"

26.11.2021 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
with Prof. em. Dr. Ryōsuke Ōhashi


Conversation on intra-university research networking

25.11.2021 14:00 - 16:00 (online)
with Prof. Dr. Britta Hoffarth and Dr. Susanne Richter (Center for Gender Studies)


Competence workshop "Voice and presence training" (for female scientists)

03.08.2021 (online) with Heike Hofmann (Body&Speech)


Workshop Postcolonial Aesthetics: Theory Building, Photography and Museum

09.07. / 10.07 (online) with Christopher Nixon
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Competence Workshop "Basics of Moderating"

06.07. / 07.07.2021 (online) with Heike Ahlsdorff 


Methods Workshop "Describing Aesthetic Practice"

23.04.2021 (online) Deepening of the workshop from 20.11.2020, focus: working on own text examples in small groups, use of feedback methods (DasArts)


Fourth Interdisciplinary Meeting of all Participants of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice"

22 - 24.03.2021 (online) Focus: working in small groups on text drafts for the dissertation


Competence Workshop "Publishing in Science"

15 + 17 + 19.02.2021 (online) with Barbara Handke


Theory/Practice Workshop on Teaching Peformance Art

22. - 23.01.2021 (online) with Johannes Deimling



Methods Workshop "Describing Aesthetic Practice"

20.11.2020 (online) internal


Third Interdisciplinary Meeting of all Participants of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice"

05 - 07.10.2020, Bildungshaus Zeppelin & Steinberg e.V., Goslar
Topic: Interim review (first cohort of PhD students), research under the conditions of the covid pandemic


Competence Workshop to Maintain Good Scientific Practice

10.07.2020 (online asynchronous/synchronous) with Dr. Kathrin Ruhl (QualitätsZirkel Promotion)


Competence Workshop: Writing for PhD Students

31.03.20 (online) with Dr. Beate Richter ( Scientific Writing Workshop Berlin), focus: elaboration of a scientific question (objective) and development of a stringent text concept; application of creative writing methods


Practical Research Seminar in Cooperation with Kunstverein Via 113

09.01. + 23.01. + 06.02.2020 with Oliver Dressel


Theory Research Seminar

10.01. + 24.01. + 07.02.2020 internal


Competence Workshop Equal Opportunities

08.11.2019 Cooperation with the initiative Solidarity at the Theater


Methods Workshop "Phenomenological Analysis of Borderline Situations"

07.11.2019 with Prof. Dr. Claudia Peter (Goethe University Frankfurt/M.)


Second Interdisciplinary Meeting of all Participants of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice".

25.10.2019, Emphasis on the focus of the research projects


Competence Workshop "Self-Organization for Doctoral Students"

16.06.2019 with Dr. Katharina Ludewig (Ludewig.Team)


First Interdisciplinary Meeting of all Participants of the Research Training Group "Aesthetic Practice".

13./14.05.2019 Focus: Presentation of the research projects/qualification projects. 


Research Colloquium

Fridays 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.