Current doctoral projects of the Research Training Group

Between sociological “fact” and literary autofiction. Depictions and staging strategies of social advancement in the works of Pierre Bourdieu, Didier Eribon and Annie Ernaux.

Research: Salvatore Calabrese
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Toni Tholen


Inside choreography. Participative choreographic works in contemporary dance

Research: Dominika Cohn
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Matzke


Organising the open: Or a praxis of limits. Aristotle – Marx – Poststructuralism – Postmarxism

Research: Franziska Ipfelkofer
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hetzel


Doing gender as aesthetic practice in theatre education.

Research: Laura Kallenbach
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Matzke


Doing Body Politics - Uses of performative and aesthetic strategies in curatorial practices (WT)

Research: Hanne König
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Annemarie Matzke


Mediation of performance art as aesthetic practice

Research: Simon Niemann
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Jens Roselt


Materiality and substance in synthetic images

Research: Carolin Scheler
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Thomas Lange


Situations of aesthetic-social negotiation – An ecological approach to reception practice

Research: Jens Schmidt
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Matthias Rebstock


Every body: Pose! The pose as aesthetic practice

Research: Marie-Charlotte Simons
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Stefan Krankenhagen


The selfie as a form of aesthetic self-referentiality on Instagram

Research: Tobias Wittchen
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Michael Corsten

Current postdoctoral projects of the Research Training Group

Performance and Language-Games as Transformative Events. On the Systematic Relation between Aesthetic and Philosophical Exercises

Research: Dr. Lucilla Guidi


Polyphonic Performance: Non-hierarchical Working Methods and Dramaturgies of Diversity

Research: Dr. Simone Niehoff


Prof. Dr. Andreas Hetzel


Dr. Sonja Dinter