Simon Niemann

Mediation of performance art as aesthetic practice

In his research project with the title “Mediation of performance art as aesthetic practice”, Simon Niemann investigates the specific characteristics of performance art from the perspective of mediation. Here mediation is not treated as a secondary process to the artistic product, but instead is itself considered an aesthetic practice. Focusing on the demands that performance art makes of a new definition of mediation that is to be developed, a system will be developed that allows performance art as a specific form of public discourse with its own artistic quality to be made accessible to children, young people and adults. 



Simon Niemann is a trained theatre teacher and studied theatre and cultural studies. Since 2010 he has been working as a freelance theatre teacher and arts mediator. He also has realized various directing and performance projects as well as theater pedagogical workshops and projects with children, young people and adults. In this role, he worked at the Theater für Niedersachsen in the 15/16 season and then for three years at the municipal theater in Osnabrück. In 2020, together with Sophia Grüdelbach, he founded the Vermittlungs*netzwerk as a subgroup to the nationwide Ensemble Network. In addition to his work as a mediator, Simon Niemann is active as a performance artist in cooperation with different institutions and projects such as the Kunsthalle Osnabrück or the Performance Art Studies (PAS). In 2021 he was invited to the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome as a practice fellow. Since summer 2019, Simon Niemann is doing his PhD at the University of Hildesheim in the field of "Mediation of performance art as aesthetic practice". 



- Member of the Research college „Aesthetic Learning” of the University of Paderborn

- Member of ERA: early research academics / London

- Member of the working group “critical theater pedagogy”

 - 2021: Guest Lecturer at the "Baltic Film, Media and Arts School" Tallinn

- 2022: Didrik-Pining Fellow at the School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC)


Artistic Practice

- Founding member of the Vermittlungs*netzwerk (Ensemble Network)

- 2021: Practice scholarship of the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome

- Artistic work (selection): 


Contributions and Publications:

"Arts in the Making" An interview with Simon Niemann about his research in the research training group "Aesthetic Practice" in the journal DIE RELATION Issue #7 2021 (p.68ff.).

The entire issue for download as pdf is available here. (In German)