Salvatore Calabrese

Between sociological “fact” and literary autofiction. Depictions and staging strategies of social advancement in the works of Pierre Bourdieu, Didier Eribon and Annie Ernaux.

Based on the trend for authentic, autofictional literature, Salvatore Calabrese’s research project deals with the practice of writing, focusing on the academic author Pierre Bourdieu, the sociologist and essayist Didier Eribon, and the writer Annie Ernaux. All three authors are linked by the textual processing and self-reflective analysis of their own “plebeian origins” and their social advancement, a social advancement that goes hand-in-hand with the academic or literary writing. In a comparative analysis, the research project investigates the staging strategies of social origins in the cultural field and the effects that this trend has on the practice of writing.



Salvatore Calabrese was born in 1986 in Villingen-Schwenningen. He studied sociology and history in Freiburg (B.A.) and in Frankfurt (M.A.) and completed his sociology degree with a master’s dissertation on Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of habitus. He then studied creative writing in Hildesheim (M.A.) and completed his degree with a poetological master’s dissertation.