Every body: Pose! The pose as aesthetic practice

Marie Simons is researching the pose as aesthetic practice using the examples of the performance sports professional wrestling, bodybuilding and synchronised swimming: When we consider the athletes, one thing becomes apparent – they are all trained to adopt the various poses as perfectly as possible. Marie Simons’ hypothesis is that the pose represents a specific temporal figure which is always bound by its performative, physical execution. She examines that moment of time in which the living body seemingly becomes frozen like a statue or a photograph. It is precisely this temporality of the pose which enables it to be considered as the object and method of aesthetic practice research.



Marie-Charlotte Simons studied for a master’s degree in staging of arts and media with a focus on theatre and popular culture at the University of Hildesheim. Her research and work in theory and practice focus on stagings of the body in popular culture and their manifestations in pop, sport and performance. She works as a director, dramaturg and author in the independent artistic scene in various contexts; most recently she staged the play “Cow*Boys*” at the Zimmertheater Tübingen.



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