Franziska Ipfelkofer

Organising the open: Or a praxis of limits. Aristotle – Marx – Poststructuralism – Postmarxism 

My research originates from the impossibility of directly and positively determining a modern definition of praxis and thus the necessity of investigating the requirements of this fundamental openness. The impossibility of a modern updating of the Aristotelian teleological concept of praxis and its relationship to a definable “limit”, i.e. to a positive “goal” and to a “purpose of an action” that is to be pursued autonomously, will be used as an opportunity to investigate (intrinsic) effects of the limitation, particularly in relation to – necessarily – non-teleologically structured forms of a specifically modern idea of praxis – in order to consider its social, political and aesthetic relevance and productivity.



Franziska Ipfelkofer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (fine arts and art education). Subsequently, she worked and lectured at the Department of Art Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.