Carolin Scheler

Materiality and substance in synthetic images

The research project investigates the substance of synthetic images produced by 3D software. The technical substance of an image file, with its pixels and colour values, resembles that of a digital photograph, and if these synthetic images also don’t differ visually from a photograph, then image- and reception-aesthetic investigations are no longer up to the task. The study therefore follows the thesis that the substance of digital 3D computer graphics can only be understood from the perspective of production aesthetics. Both the user and the developer of 3D systems are considered, because both sides – another assumption – influence the aesthetic practice described here equally.  



Carolin Scheler did a practice-oriented BA in communication design in Hannover and Columbus, Ohio, USA, with a focus on film and 3D animation. She then did an MA in design and media in Hannover. From 2015 to 2018, she was a research assistant at Hochschule Hannover, Faculty III – Media, Information and Design and at the Institut für Bildende Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft of the Universität Hildesheim. Since April 2019, she has been a doctoral student in the “Aesthetic Practice” Research Training Group at Universität Hildesheim.