Fiona Schrading

Diffractive Time. Aesthetic Practices of Re-Localization of Past and Future in the Anthropocene

This research project explores epistemic and aesthetic practices of enacting the past and future in times of the Anthropocene and aims at formulating a pluriversal ontology of time. Based on the assumption that past and future are not simply given, but that they are produced, performed and materialized by complex material-semiotic, social, political and medial processes, this work wants to look into the temporal practices of neomaterialistic, decolonial, queerfeminist and afropessimistic approaches. It wants to examine their potential to disrupt linear and progressive concepts of time and to enact different pasts and futures which could make it possible to care for the fragile events of existence in a presence which is becoming non-simultaneous.



Fiona Schrading (*1990 in Tübingen) studied Media and Culture in Düsseldorf and Vienna and is currently working as a research associate at the Institute of Media and Culture in Düsseldorf. Her research and teaching interests include queerfeminist materialism, media materialism and media ecology, the Anthropocene and concepts of the living, questions of temporality and black studies. Since Mai 2019 she is an associate member of the DFG Research Training Group “Aesthetic Practice” at the University of Hildesheim.


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