The conference will take place at the Hildesheim University on Bühler Campus, Lübecker Straße 3, 31141 Hildesheim in the ground floor of LN building. You can find the directions to the Bühler campus on Google maps.


Direction from Hildesheim main station

Take city bus number 1 or 4 in the direction of "Südfriedhof, Hildesheim" or "Itzum" and get off at the "Silberfundstraße" stop (journey time approx. 15 minutes).
 After getting out turn right into Quedlinburger Straße. The extension of Quedlinburg is Lübecker Straße. Access to the Bühler campus is via Lüneburger Straße.



Direction from the city center (“Schuhstraße” stop)

Take city bus line 4 in the direction of “Itzum” and get off at the “Silberfundstraße” stop (journey time approx. 10 minutes).

Hildesheim Public Transport

Please be aware that the buses in Hildesheim do not run frequently and can sometimes be a bit irregular. Therefore, it is crucial to check your route in advance. Particularly, on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, there are limited bus services. Here is a selection of appropriate bus times for each day:



Bus Number



Friday Arrival

Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 12:56

Silberfundstraße 13:02


Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 13:16

Silberfundstraße 13:22


Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 13:26

Silberfundstraße 13:32


Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 13:36

Silberfundstraße 13:42





Friday Departure

Bus 4, Drispenstedt

Silberfundstraße 17:11

Schuhstraße 17:18


Bus 4, Hauptbahnhof

Silberfundstraße 17:21

Schuhstraße 17:28


Bus 4, Drispenstedt

Silberfundstraße 17:31

Schuhstraße 17:38









Saturday Arrival

Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 09:26

Silberfundstraße 09:32


Bus 4, Itzum

Schuhstraße 09:46

Silberfundstraße 09:52









Saturday Departure

Bus 104, Bockfeld

Silberfundstraße 17:19

Schuhstraße 17:26


Bus 104, Bockfeld

Silberfundstraße 17:49

Schuhstraße 17:56





Sunday Arrival

Bus 104, Itzum

Schuhstraße 09:00

Silberfundstraße 09:04


Bus 104, Itzum

Schuhstraße 09:30

Silberfundstraße 09:34





Sunday Departure

Bus 104, Bockfeld

Silberfundstraße 12:49

Schuhstraße 12:56


Bus 104, Bockfeld

Silberfundstraße 13:19

Schuhstraße 13:26