Short biography

Christiane Heimann is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hildesheim in the project “When Mayors make Migration Policies”. In the years 2016 and 2017, she was a visiting scholar at the Institute for the Studies of Societal Issues at the University of California, Berkeley (USA). She was a PhD student at the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences in Germany from 2013 to 2016 and a scholarship holder of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. Her doctoral thesis focused on chances and constraints to steer intra-EU labour mobility to match immigrants to specific labour market needs of member states. In the framework of her PhD thesis, she conducted research stays at the migration research group GRITIM at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain) in 2014 and at the Migration Research Unit at the University College London (UK) in 2015 to carry out her fieldwork. From 2011 to 2013, she held the position of a Teaching and Research Assistant at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany). In 2013, she visited the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) for a teaching period. She studied European Studies in Social Sciences at Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg (Germany) and the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain).


Research experience

Since 2018     Research associate at the University of Hildesheim

2016-2018      Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley (USA)

2013-2016      Doctoral Student at the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

02-04/2015     Visiting researcher at the University College London (United Kingdom)

03-07/2014     Visiting researcher at the University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)

2011-2013      Research and Teaching Associate at the TU Kaiserslautern (full time)

02-03/2013     Teaching assignment and research stay at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

2009                Student assistant at the chair of Sociology II (University of Bamberg)

2008                Student assistant at the chair of Sociology I (University of Bamberg)

2007                Student assistant at the European Forum of Migration Studies (Bamberg)

Seminars given at

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin (Germany)
Migration und Integration in Deutschlands multikultureller Metropole Berlin 

Workshop Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Gersfeld/ Rhön (Germany)
Stadt, Land, Flucht - Konzeptionelle Überlegungen zum Vergleich städtischer Flüchtlingspolitik in Deutschland

Ferienakademie Cusanuswerk, Freckenkorst (Germany)
Einwanderungsgesellschaft und Mobilität in der EU?!

University of Bamberg (Germany)
Modernization Theory – The World between Radical Islamism and Western Nationalism
Aktuelle Phänomene der Migrationspolitik

University College London (United Kingdom)
EU Mobility Challenges for the Labour Systems in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
Europeízación de la Política Migratoria

TU Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Sozialer Wandel
Internationale Personalentwicklung
Soziologie der Globalisierung
Bildungspolitische Systeme im internationalen Vergleich
Gesellschaft und Erziehung im internationalen Vergleich

Academic degree and working experience

Academic degree
2011                          Diplom in Sociology
Studies of Social Work and Sociology at the University of Bamberg and the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)
Core subject: Social Sciences in European Studies
Minor subjects: Sociological Theory, Comparative Macrosociology, European and International Politics, European Community Law

Working Experience
2013-2015                  Business consultant at strategy for people
05/2007-10/2007      Marketing Internship at Internauto (Barcelona, Spain)


German          native
English           oral and written fluency
Spanish          oral and written fluency
Portuguese    intermediate level


2020               Award for special achievements, University of Hildesheim 

2019               Award for special achievements, University of Hildesheim 

2018               Award for special achievements, University of Hildesheim

2017               Step By Step scholarship

2016               IPID4all mobility scholarship

2013-2016     PhD scholarship of Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation

2013               ERASMUS mobility scholarship for lecturers

2006-2007     ERASMUS scholarship for student exchange

Professional Memberships

European Sociological Association
IMISCOE research network
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
Gerpisa – The international Network of the Automobile



09/ 2020: 3rd Conference of the German Network of Forced Migration Researchers Contexts of Displacement, Refugee Protection and Forced Migrants’ Lives
- Finanzielle Mittel für Integrationsmaßnahmen - Schöpfen ländliche Räume ihre Möglichkeiten aus?
- Ambitious activity above a pattern of passivity: re-dimensioning the “local turn” in migration policy-making (with Danielle Gluns, Sandra Müller, Hannes Schammann, Christin Younso, Tobias Wittchen, Franziska Ziegler)

08/ 2020: ECPR General Conference Online, Virtual Event
Transnational Vs. National Solidarity: The Political Framing of Immigration as a Threat to the Welfare State and Societal Solidarity Exemplified by the Case of Pre-BREXIT UK

03/ 2020: Refugio Berlin
Vortrag im Rahmen des Arbeitstreffen Kommunale Aufnahme zum Thema: Selbstbestimmte kommunale Aufnahme im Rahmen von EU-Relocation ermöglichen (Matchingverfahren)

01/ 2020: Petra-Kelly-Foundatuion, Munich (Germany)
Workshop: “Der Weg über die Kommunen: Flüchtlings- und Asylpolitik in Bayern und Europa!"

10/ 2019: European Policy Center, Brussels (Belgium)
Workshop: “When Mayors Make Migration Policy”.

10/ 2019: Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence (Italy)
Workshop: “Cities and the global governance of migration”,  paper ambitious activity above a pattern of passivity. Re
dimensioning the local turn in migration studies (with Danielle Gluns, Sandra Müller, Hannes Schammann, Christin
Younso, Tobias Wittchen, Franziska Ziegler)

10/ 2019: International Conference CEASEVAL, Chemnitz (Germany)
Presentation: The politics of transmunicipal solidarity: tracing joint action of local authorities in political controversies
on EU refugee reception
09/ 2019: ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw (Poland)
Panel Chair of: Political Responses to Migration in Europe: Solidarity in Crisis?
Presentation: Solidarity in Crisis: Assessing EU Member States’ Motives for their Failure to Act in Solidarity during the EU Asylum System Crisis

09/ 2019: Urban Partnership Meeting, Helsinki (Finland)
Presentation: Presentation Evaluation of the Partnership
07/ 2019: Universität Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany)
Vortrag im Rahmen der  Tagung „Cities, Refugees, and Human Rights“ zum Thema: When Mayors Make Migration
Policy (with Petra Bendel, Hannes Schammann, Janina Stürner)

06/ 2019: Freie Akademie, Lichtenfels (Germany)
Presentation: Die Asylpolitik der EU – Sackgasse oder Baustelle? Auswege aus der Flüchtlingspolitik auf
europäischer, nationalstaatlicher und lokaler Ebene
06/ 2019: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Brandenburg „Sichere Häfen“, Postdam (Germany)
Presentation: Eine aktive Rolle von Städten in der EU-Flüchtlingspolitik?
03/ 2019: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Brussels (Germany)
Presentation:  “A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics  Recommendations for Strengthening Municipalities in
EU’s refugee and asylum policy”
03/ 2019: University of Oxford / Refugee Studies Centre, RSC Conference “Democratizing Displacement”, paper with Petra Bendel, Hannes Schammann, Janina Stürner: Being able to choose the legal pathway? – Rethinking
resettlement as participatory strategy to empower refugees and host communities.

03/ 2019: Migration Research Group Sheffield (England)
Presentation: Transforming Mobility and Immobility: Brexit and Beyond

02/ 2019: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin (Germany)
Presentation:  “Kommunen können das - EU Migrationsgovernance durch kommunale Mitsprache voranbringen”

02/ 2019: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin (Germany)
EU-Flüchtlings- und Asylpolitik: Der Weg über die Kommunen, Vorstellung des Policy Paper: Der Weg über die
Kommunen. Empfehlungen für eine neue Schlüsselrolle der Städte und Gemeinden in der Flüchtlings- und Asylpolitik
der Europäischen Union.

11/ 2018: Urban Narratives - Jean Monnet Network, Saint-Etienne (France)
Presentation: “When Businessmen Create a Welcome Culture in German Cities”
10/ 2018: Herbsttagung des Mannheimer Kreises, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Presentation: „Zwischen humaner Flüchtlingspolitik und Law & Order“ – Ansprüche an eine gelungene Migrations- und
10/ 2018: Zentrum Flucht und Migration, Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany)
Presentation: City diplomacy against the nation state? The rise of transnational city networks in EU migration politics

09/ 2017: ISSI Discussion
Presentation: Chances and constraints of steering intra-EU labour mobility
04/2016: ISSI Discussion Series, Berkeley (USA)
Presentation: Institutional adjustments for labour migration and integration
 10/2015: Conference on Social Space II, Bonn (Germany)
Presentation: The development of a German-Spanish field of labour mobility
10/2015: Deutscher Kongress der Geographie, Berlin (Germany)
1. Presentation: Ein- und Ausschlusspraktiken spanischer Arbeitskräfte in Deutschland und Großbritannien
2. Presentation: Crisis induced labour mobility from Spain to Germany and the United Kingdom
09/2015: Annual BAGSS Conference, Bamberg (Germany)
Presentation: Rising Inequalities in the Common European Labour Market – Exemplified by Spanish Labour Mobility to

08/2015: European Sociological Association, Prague (Czech Republic)
Workshop: Sociology of Migration
Presentation: Recruitment of Spanish employees for the German labour market - institutional changes as a first aid
package or exploitation in the crisis?
05/2015: Workshop: European Labour Migration, Konstanz (Germany)
Presentation: Recruitment of Spanish employees for the German and British labour market - institutional changes as a
first aid package or exploitation in the crisis?
04/2015: Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Politische Soziologie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Potsdam
Presentation: Die Entstehung eines deutsch-spanischen Mobilitätsfeldes
03/2015: 2nd CDCDI Conference, Bucarest (Rumania)
Presentation: EU mobility challenges for the labour systems in Spain, Germany and the United     Kingdom

08/2014: 11th IMISCOE Conference, Madrid (Spain)
Presentation: Strategic combats in the policy field of intra-European mobility from Spain
07/2014: 1st Annual BAGSS Conference, Bamberg (Germany)
Presentation: Strategic combats in the field of labour migration policy in Germany and Spain
06/2013: Gerpisa Paris (France)
Presentation: Institutional framework for car manufacturers in India
12/2012: Cyber Space, Brno (Czech Republic)
Presentation: The role of social media for the green revolution in Iran




Heimann, Christiane (2020): Curse and blessing of intra-EU labour mobility – Free labour movement in Spain, Germany and the UK. Reihe: Studien zur Migrations- und Integrationspolitik. VS Springer.


Research Articles:

Kühn, Boris; Heimann, Christiane (2021): Hand in Hand? Datenmanagement in der lokalen Integrationsarbeit: Bestandsaufnahme und erste Befunde. MPRG Working Paper 01_2021. Hrsg: Migration Policy Research Group (MPRG), Universität Hildesheim & Robert Bosch Stiftung 


Hannes Schammann, Danielle Gluns, Christiane Heimann, Sandra Müller,Tobias Wittchen, Christin Younso & Franziska Ziegler (2021): Defining and transforming local migration policies: a conceptual approach backed by evidence from Germany. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, online first, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2021.1902792 (open access).

Heimann, Christiane; Civale, Luca; Gloy, Helen (2020): Die Asylpolitik der EU – Sackgasse oder Baustelle? In: Ist Europa noch zu retten? Hrsg.: Freie Akademie.

Heimann, Christiane; Müller, Sandra; Schammann, Hannes; Stürner, Janina (2019): Challenging the Nation-State from within: The Emergence of Transmunicipal Solidarity in the Course of the EU Refugee Controversy. In: Social Inclusion 7 (2), S. 208–218.


Tewes, Oliver; Heimann, Christiane (2018): Reasons for Moving in Times of Crisis: The Motives behind Migration of Highly-Skilled Spaniards to Berlin and London. UC Berkeley: Institute for the Study of Societal Issues. 


Heimann, Christiane; Wieczorek, Oliver (2017): The Role of Argumentation and Institutions
for Labour Migration in the European Union – Exemplified by Spanish Labour Migration to
Germany. Special Issue zu: Labour Migration in Europe – Politics, Organisations and People.
In: International Migration. 


Klopprogge, Axel; Ariño Mateo, Eva; Heimann, Christiane (2017): Erfahrungen mit der
Rekrutierung von Pflegekräften in Spanien. In: KWA Symposiums 2016: Wer pflegt
Deutschland? Transnationale Pflegekräfte – Analysen, Erfahrungen, Konzepte. Hrsg.: Arend,
Stefan; Klie, Thomas. Vincentz Verlag, Hannover, S. 123-146.


Heimann, Christiane (2017): Zeigen Sie doch mal Ihr Diplom! - Rezension zum Buch “Die
Gewalt des kollektiven Besserwissens - Kämpfe um die Anerkennung ausländischer
Berufsqualifikationen in Deutschland” von Ilka Sommer. 



Policy Papers:

Günther, Johanna; Heimann, Christiane (2021): Erfahrungsbericht | gute Praxis: Vom Flickenteppich der Einzelförderung zum kohärenten “Kommunalen Integrationspaket” In: Land.Zuhause.Zukunft - Bolg. Hrsg: Robert-Bosch-Stiftung. 


Günther, Johanna, Heimann, Christiane; Schammann, Hannes; Younso, Christin (2021): Alles Gold was glänzt? Fördermittel für die Integrationsarbeit in ländlichen Kreisen und Gemeinden. Hrsg.: Robert Bosch Stiftung. 


Heimann, Christiane; Stürner, Janina (2020): Evaluation report - Urban Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees. Hrsg.: Europäische Kommission. 


Stürner, Janina; Heimann, Christiane; Bendel, Petra; Schammann, Hannes; (2020): When Mayors make Migration Policy’: What role for cities in EU migration and integration policymaking? Brüssel: European Policy Centre. 


Bendel, Petra; Schammann, Hannes; Heimann, Christiane; Stürner, Janina (2019): Policy Paper: A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics: Recommendations for Strengthening Municipalities and Local Communities in refugee and asylum policy of the EU. Hrsg.: Heinrich Böll Foundation. 


Bendel, Petra; Hannes Schammann, Christiane Heimann und Janina Stürner (2019): Der Weg über die Kommunen. Empfehlungen für eine Schlüsselrolle der Kommunen in der Flüchtlings- und Asylpolitik der Europäischen Union, Berlin: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.


Overview of integration funding:
Civale, Luca; Gloy, Helen; Heimann, Christiane; Schwerdtfeger, Taskia; Witte, Maximilian (2020): Übersicht über Fördermittel für Migration und Integration der Europäischen Union, des Bundes und der Länder 

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