Research and Transfer Office for Migration Policy

The Research and Transfer Office for Migration Policy has been established at the Institute for Social Sciences in connection with the Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education at the University of Hildesheim in January 2019. The key objective of the Transfer Office is to enhance the exchange between research and practice in the field of migration policy. It is based on the perception that the topic of migration is currently strongly debated in the public while scientific knowledge is not always taken up in political processes and public discourse.

Thus, we are establishing local, regional and national cooperation with representatives of politics and practice and develop joint events and collaborative projects. Moreover, mutual exchange is fostered by regular and continuous communication. On the one hand, the different formats aim at editing scientific outputs in ways to provide effective guidance to practitioners. On the other, they shall help to take up stimuli and expertise from the practice and feed these into academia in order to promote practice-oriented research.

As such, the Research and Transfer Office serves as a contact point for migration policy stakeholders from the region and beyond. If you are interested in cooperating, for example in the framework of joint projects or events, you can reach us here:

Dr. Danielle Gluns, head of the Research and Transfer Office for Migration Policy

Email: danielle.gluns [at]

Phone: +49-5121-883-10776


Migration Policy Research Group

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Professur für Migrationspolitik
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