Bachelor Study Programmes: Social and Organizational Pedagogy

The Bachelor's degree in Social and Organizational Pedagogy is offered as a three-year programme in the faculty of Educational and Social Sciences. The course focuses on a modern concept of social pedagogy, thus the appreciation and design of the organizational context are just as important as working with individuals. For this reason, in addition to social pedagogy and general pedagogics, emphasis is on organizational pedagogy - focusing on the concept of the “learning organization” - as well as on social sciences, empirical methodology and law. Each study programme will be based on an individual profile with an eight-week training placement and plenty of opportunities for individual choice. The principle is that broadly-based theoretical study and solid practical training for professional life is not mutually exclusive, rather that these elements should complement each other.
The course is structured in modules, compiled in accordance with European standards (ECTS). Examination is by continuous assessment. This is to simplify recognition of study qualifications from other, especially foreign universities. Courses offered by the Faculty of Social Services at the University of Applied Sciences Hildesheim/Holzminden or distance learning can also easily be integrated into the programme.
The Bachelor's degree is an independent academic qualification, which opens up various avenues and potential opportunities: either continuation to the Masters programme, or entry to a career with an additional “on the job” qualification, or transfer to postgraduate study at the University of Applied Sciences (state-recognized qualification or Masters).