The corona pandemic also poses great challenges for us as the University of Hildesheim Foundation (SUH). Maintaining courses with as little direct contact as possible between teachers and students requires concerted and joint action by all participants. At the same time, there is an opportunity to shape and further develop the digital change in teaching and learning at the University of Hildesheim Foundation.

As a project team "E-Learning 2020" we support the teaching staff at the University of Hildesheim Foundation in the planning and implementation of e-learning events in the summer semester 2020.


Use this page as the central source of information on e-learning at the SUH. Here you will find the latest information and support offers. This page is continuously updated and supplemented.

Please direct all questions, requests and information about e-learning and the virtual university to e-learning2020(at)


We would like to help you specifically and precisely. We will therefore start a survey shortly. In this we ask you to state your specific needs for technical solutions and what support you have with regards to e-learning. We also ask you for information about already planned or existing offers.


E-learning and e-resources


The project team E-Learning 2020 checks in what form and to what extent exams can also be carried out electronically. If you have specific requirements, please contact our team at e‑learning2020 (at)


About the project team "E-Learning 2020"

In the project team "E-Learning 2020", institutions, groups and individuals from the University of Hildesheim Foundation are committed to maintaining teaching as much as possible in times of the corona pandemic.

Participants involved: