Saturday, 13. November 2021 um 14:10 Uhr

The Traditional Asian Instruments and Electronics Project - TRAIECT - presents Pak-kóan music from Taiwan at the Center for World Music.

Tue. 23.11.2021 7:30pm | Center for World Music | Admission free | Covid-19-prevention: proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing required

Traditional Asian Instruments and Electronics - TRAIECT for short - is a project of the Hanover Society for New Music. In cooperation with FMSBW, the electronic studio of the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, artists of different origins create new music for Asian instruments and electronics. This year's edition focuses on Taiwan with a traditional Pak-kóan ensemble.

What does Pak-kóan music sound like, where does it come from? What else do the instruments have to tell? At the Center for World Music, pak-kóan experts and ethnomusicologists will discuss the history, present and social significance of pak-kóan at TRAIECT on Nov. 23. Liu Yu-hsiu will use her instruments to illustrate the musical practice.

Pak-kóan is a widespread musical style in Taiwan today, rooted primarily in Taiwan's local temple festivals. It is an independent development of Chinese Běiguǎn music that has been cultivated for 300 years. It therefore represents elements from Chinese and Taiwanese cultures of the past and present, their interactions and offers of identification.

In TRAIECT, musicians combine traditions of Pak-kóan musical practice with electronics, which is not understood as an effect, but as a partner in its own right. In a joint workshop, the composers and instrumentalists explore the historical and social embedding of the instruments. In a cooperative creative process, six very different compositions were created, each an experimental approach to tradition. The premiere of the pieces will take place within the framework of the TRAIECT - Project Days; a supporting program with the themes of culture, tradition and new music will accompany the concerts.

For everyone's protection: please bring proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing. Your contact information will be taken at the beginning of the event and kept for two weeks to ensure contact tracing in case of infection. Spacing and masking is mandatory in the building; also in the seating area. Only the instrumentalist is allowed to remove the mask for short periods of time.


LIU Yu-Hsiu (Pak-kóan musician)
CHEN Cheng-Wen (Pak-kóan musician)
Joachim Heintz (Hanover Society for New Music)
Raimund Vogels (ethnomusicologist at CWM)

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