Exhibition in the Timotheus Church

At the Center for World Music, musicological research, musical practice, archiving and mediation go hand in hand. The project "Integration Processes through Mediation in the Context of Global Music", funded by the Foundation of Lower Saxony, brings together the working and thematic areas of ethnomusicological research in an exhibition. It is intended to contextualise instruments and objects from the collections at the CWM, to communicate ethnomusicological research in a low-threshold way and to create an offer of dialogue for the public.


The opening of the exhibition took place on June 8, 2023.

The exhibition was coordinated by Mira Wöllenstein and Christine Kundolf. Guests at the event included the President of the university hildesheim, Prof. Dr. May-Britt Kallenrode, Dr. Gesa Schönermark, representing the Lower Saxony Foundation, which funded the project, and the family of Rolf Irle, whose collection is housed at CWM and who died shortly before the opening of the exhibition.

The Showcases:

19 instruments from the Rolf Irle Collection are on display. On object panels, the object biographies of the concrete instruments, general information on playing contexts, and insights into research fields and questions can be read. Audio samples from the Music-of-Man archive can be accessed via QR codes.

LIVING VITRINE: COMUNIDAD ANDINA CWM (Jesika Paredes and Sebastian Hachmeyer)
Several ensembles of Bolivian bamboo flutes are ready to be played in workshops and concerts. The purchase of the instruments is the start of the project "Comunidad Andina CWM", which aims to make Andean music and philosophy of life tangible.

MUSIC AND NATURE (Jesika Paredes and Sebastian Hachmeyer)
The connection between seasons, music and flute making in the Bolivian Andes is presented here. Bamboo as a resource for flute making and its home the cloud forest will be presented, as well as the biography of the instrument maker of the flute ensembles.

The orchestra of brass, cymbals and drums from the ceremonial music of Tibetan Buddism is exhibited here. To the whole Tibetan collection of Rolf Irle was published the catalog "Eine Freude für die Ohren" (A joy for the ears).

The Graduate School Performing Sustainability: Cultrues and Development in West Africa is presented.

Musik.Welt (Mira Wöllenstein, Morena Piro)
The graduate program musik.welt: Cultural Diversity in Music Education will be presented. Musical biographies of alumni are represented by personal objects.

MUSIC AND CRAFT (Mira Wöllenstein, Christine Kundolf)
Three instrument makers and their craft are presented: setar maker Sabor Moradi, violin maker Björn Lampe, and sitar maker Dieter Zarnitz.

Taiwanese shadow theater, Pak-Koán music, and the concept of cultural identity formation through cultural education in Taiwan will be presented and explained.

MUSIC EXHIBITION (Mira Wöllenstein, Christine Kundolf)
An open display case invites you to leave thoughts, suggestions and questions about exhibiting music .