Community Service – Music for everyone

The Center for World Music works in the three departments Archive, Research and Teaching on the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Diversity. The aim of the work in the area of Community Service is to respond to current political discourses and to bring the results and experiences of the Center for World Music's ethnomusicological work to the public. To this end, the CWM initiates workshops, concerts, lectures and exchanges. In 2021, the Center for World Music e.V. was founded to ensure the appropriate organisation and implementation of the music education programmes.



Cultural Education

The Center for World Music supports educational institutions in Germany in their efforts to take up and appreciate local musical diversity. For example, the CWM advises on the conception of music projects at schools, trains teachers and school administrators and lends instruments and music samples from the sound archive.

Creating spaces of action for cultural diversity

The Center for World Music advises institutions - from daycare centres to schools, music schools and family centres to music associations, ministries, state and national committees - on how they can take up and promote cultural diversity in the local music scene.

The CWM develops a space for musicians, music mediators, educators, children, young people and adults: for example, further training for educators and music school teachers, music mediation concepts for festival guests or music projects for school classes.


The Center for World Music supports musicians who play music from different cultural areas in their professionalisation and in the mediation and organisation of performances in the region. At the CWM, local communities find a stage, international musicians a concert venue and interested visitors have the opportunity to look beyond their own music-cultural horizons.