Sounds and Images of Home

A Journey between Jazz, World Music and Projected Animation

Concert I 11.11.2022 at 8.30 p.m. I Center for World Music I Free admission - donations requested

Chiara Raimondi's octet presents a new programme that blends the boundaries between modern jazz and world music - the two passions of the Italian-born singer and bandleader. Folkloristic repertoire and own compositions with sounds from the respective home countries of the ensemble members Italy, Iran, Moldavia and Germany are arranged for a modern jazz context in which the musicians want to embark on a transcultural experiment in the form of a stylistic approach.

The central guiding theme is the concept and also the feeling of "home", with its many levels of interpretation, which the musicians, who come from different cultures, can take up and illuminate from different perspectives.

The musical performance, especially in relation to the lyrics, will be illustrated by live painting projections by the visual artist Miriam Ebbing. The multimedia nature of the performances is intended to serve as a bridge that gives the audience a different, ideally more direct, approach to the multilingualism or other-language nature of the musical programme.


Chiara Raimondi - SINGER, COMPOSER,
Shabnam Parvaresh - BASS CLARINETIST
Kioomars Musayyebi - SANTUR PLAYER
Tim Nicklaus - PERCUSSION







Musical-literary journey through the Middle East

A musical reading with Nadine & Omid I October 8th at 8 pm. I Center for World Music I Admission free - donations requested


On the road in Arabia and Iran

A literary-musical encounter with the writer Nadine Pungs and the multi-instrumentalist Omid Bahadori. Together, the two artists travel through the Middle East and tell stories about the people there. They meet smugglers and students, guest workers and refugees. They meet a mullah in a marriage club and celebrate forbidden parties in Iranian back rooms. In her reading, the book excerpts recited very sensitively by Pungs merge with Bahadori's soulful music to create a very special listening experience that takes the audience on a journey from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from the Emirates via Oman to the border of Yemen.

Nadine Pungs, born in 1981 in the Rhineland, studied literature and history. As a cabaret artist she performed in the theatre and organised comedy shows, today she works as a freelance author. Piper Verlag published "Das verlorene Kopftuch. How Iran Touched My Heart" and "My Journey to the Land of Tomorrow. Travelling alone from Jordan to Oman".
Further information on her books can be found here.

The dissolution of cultural barriers is characteristic of the music of multi-instrumentalist and composer Omid Bahadori. The Iranian-born musician creates a colourful musical world of new sound images in his songs. With various string instruments, handpan, frame drum and overtone singing, he sensitively unites the sounds of the Persian region with music from other cultures.
Further information on Omid Bahadori, as well as some audio samples, can be found here.



International Percussion Festival I  20th August at 7 pm I Center for World Music I free entrance - donations requested

The "Überschlagfestival" from 17th to 21st August .2022 in Hanover and the surrounding area is a guest at CWM in Hildesheim on 20th August. For 5 days, the percussion instrument will be presented in a variety of ways and creatively staged. In addition to numerous concerts, there will also be exhibitions, discussions and much more to discover on the subject of percussion. Immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of percussion, which, like no other instrument, is represented in so many different ways in all imaginable genres.

You can reservate your ticket here.


The duo "GaGoGiG" consisting of the percussionist Sabrina Ma and the composer and pianist Seyko Itoh came together in 2021.  Sabrina Ma has been awarded the German Music Prize and works interdisciplinarily, especially in the genres of new music and music theatre. Seyko Itoh was, among other things, a winner of the Hanns Eisler Composition Prize 2012 and a scholarship holder at the international Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt in 2007/2008.

The duo's aim is to produce beautiful, bold and noble music for percussion and piano.
At this year's Überschlagfestival, "GaGoGiG" will present, among other things, a world premiere. Look forward to a colourful and varied programme !

More information about the Überschlagfestival you can find here.

The Center for World Music combines its research in ethnomusicology and musicology with musical practice. It organises concerts in which students and graduates of the M.A. musik.welt - Cultural Diversity in Music Education, associated or invited artists and music mediators perform.


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