Archive Arc Music

The collection "Archiv Arc Musica" was compiled by Joachim Oelsner. Oelsner lived and worked for many years in Yaoundé in Cameroon and returned to Germany in 2022, where he died after a short, mad illness. In Cameroon, Oelsner collected records, music cassettes and other recordings of traditional, popular and religious Cameroonian music, with a special focus on the southern, eastern and western parts of the country. Furthermore, there are about 150 videos from Cameroonian television recorded from the early 1990s onwards. The collection includes music of the Beti-Bulu-Fang, Majka, Bamileke, Bass, Sawa and many others. The collection includes extensive documentation with press products, dictionaries, descriptions of common musical instruments, photographs, festival records and many other subject areas and related materials. The collection is currently moving to the CWM and is not available yet.