International Conference May 31 – June 1, 2022

Images of Migration - Bilder von und über Migration

The international conference of the transfer project Migration Lab Germany provided a variety of insights into how images of migration are created, used and transformed in social discourse and what role different actors play in this process. More than 100 scholars and cultural workers, civil society projects, schools, museums, theaters, memorial sites and other network partners exchanged ideas. From the perspective of the various disciplines, the participants took a critical and at the same time forward-looking look at the production and reflection of images of and about migration.
The new web portal and selected media from the model projects funded by the Foundation EVZ were also presented. Within the framework program, model projects were made directly tangible: during city walks with migration stories by querstadtein e.V., during the presentation of young actors of the GorkiX theater project "Weil wir nicht vergessen" (Because We Don't Forget) or while viewing the photo exhibition "Neue deutsche Lehrkräfte" (New German Teachers) of the Hamburg network "Lehrkräfte mit Migrationsgeschichte" (Teachers with Migration History), which they were able to digitize as part of the migration lab funding.

We thank all partner organizations, cooperation and network partners for their contributions and the lively exchange!



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