Upcoming & Recent Events 2019

Theme Day 'Inter*Aktion': children's book readings & lecture on intersexuality / intersex *

When? April 1st, 11-19 hs

Where? School museum of the University Hildesheim in the Volkshochschule Hildesheim

Organisation?: This is an event within the series of lectures 'society*power*identity*' in cooperation with hi*queer.

On our theme day 'Inter*Aktion' children's book authors Luzie Loda ("PS: Es gibt Lieblingseis") and Ursula Rosen ("Jill ist anders") are going to read from their books. In the afternoon, Lucie Veith, the founding member of the association Intersexuelle Menschen e. V. holds a lecture about the topic "Representation of Intersex * in the media".

You can find an interview (in German) with Hildesheim's children's book author Luzie Loda on the topic of intersexuality on the site umstandslos, an online magazine for feminist parenting.

Foundation Workshop 'Transfer into Forced Migration Research - Experiences and Reflections' 

When? April, 1st-2nd 2019

Where? Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Hauptcampus, Gebäude N (FORVM Neubau) 

Organisation? AK Transfer, Netzwerk Fluchtforschung 


Open event: 'Australization' of the European Refugee Policy

When? 20th of March, 6pm -8pm

Where? Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Hauptcampus, Room N006

The topic of the public discussion is whether European asylum policy moves towards "Australian conditions" with the establishment of extra-territorial camps, etc. We will show the short cut "Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island" by the Australian director Lukas. A discussion will follow with Kai Weber from the refugee council of Lower Saxony and the migration researcher Dr. Marcus Engler. 

This is a free and open event. It's organized by the Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science in cooperation with Initiative Partnerschaft Eine Welt e.V.