Mission Statement

Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education in Migration Societies

The Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education in Migration Societies (ZBI) has been created as a research infrastructure and platform for interdisciplinary exchange on the topic area heterogeneity, educational participation, and migration.

The ZBI enhances the visibility of research on inclusion and exclusion processes in increasingly diverse societies. One of our main objectives is to help reducing educational disadvantage. With this goal in mind, we examine, among other issues, the manifold and interrelated aspects of diversity, integration, and participation in educational pathways, processes, media, and systems.

The center initiates, supports, and interlinks research and practical projects on educational integration. It develops best practice and implementation strategies. We aim to network, on a regional as well as on a national and international level, with various civic, political, cultural, and economic parties who participate in shaping this socio-political field. 

  • Building a research infrastructure for the topic area educational integration and diversity
  • Interlinking various actors in the field of educational integration
  • Transferring research results into practice
  • Education Systems & Educational Inequality
  • Educational Participation of Sinti & Roma
  • Diversity & Educational Media
  • Diversity & University
  • Diversity & Cultural Education
  • Multilingualism
  • Migration Policy
  • Sports - Participation - Perspectives
  • Transcultural Music Education
  • The ZBI promotes young researchers in the course of the doctoral college "Educational Integration".
  • On the basis of research and evaluations, we create concepts and submit recommendations available for practical use.
  • The ZBI accompanies the introduction and expansion of comprehensive assistance and advisory services, taking our students’ diversity into account. In order to support our students in an inclusion-oriented and diversity-conscious manner, the ZBI carries out diversity monitoring within the Hildesheim University Foundation on a regular basis.