Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education

Hildesheim University’s Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education (ZBI) has been created as a think tank. It is a platform for actors from the academic field and from civil society. We thoroughly analyse and deal with the chances and challenges inherent in societies’ inclusion processes in terms of empirical and basic research as well as practical measures in increasingly diverse societies.

The ZBI works on an interdisciplinary basis and is dedicated to the diverse and interwoven aspects of diversity, inclusion and participation in educational processes and systems. We initiate, support and connect research and practical projects of educational integration as well as we develop implementation and transfer strategies.

In particular, the ZBI aims to contribute to reducing educational disadvantages for children and young people with a migration background and minorities. We deal with this issue by means of addressing the structural causes and processes of educational disadvantages, such as forms of institutional discrimination, on the one hand, and developing an eye for migration-specific educational capital, on the other. In this context, migration is no longer understood as a problem or a deficit, but seen and appreciated as a resource.

We offer a forum for interdisciplinary exchange in the research fields of educational, social and cultural sciences with reference to the complex of diversity and participation in education. At the same time, we aim to network, on a regional as well as on a national and international level, with various civic, political, cultural, and economic parties who participate in shaping this socio-political field. 


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