Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education

International Conference "Images of Migration" May 31 – June 1, 2022

The international conference of the project Migration Lab Germany at the University of Hildesheim provided diverse insights into how images about migration are generated, used and transformed in social discourse and what role different contributors can play in this process. We brought together scholars and cultural practitioners, civil society projects, schools, museums, theaters and memorial sites to take a critical and forward-thinking look at the production and reflection of images of and about migration from the perspective of different disciplines. more ...

Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education

The Center for Diversity, Democracy and Inclusion in Education (CDE I ZBI) sees itself as a research infrastructure and platform for interdisciplinary exchange on the topics of diversity, educational participation and migration.

The CDE ensures greater visibility of research on inclusion and exclusion processes in increasingly diverse societies. In particular, the center aims to contribute to the reduction of educational inequality. Therefore, the diverse and interconnected aspects of diversity, integration and participation in educational trajectories, educational processes, educational media and educational systems, among others, are investigated.

The CDE initiates, accompanies and networks research and practice projects of educational integration, develops best practice models and implementation strategies. It strives for both research and practice-oriented, regional, national and international networking with diverse civil society, political, cultural and economic actors who help shape this socio-political field of action.