Use of the Library
The University Library serves the academic staff and the students of the university, as well as interested citizens who live in the region. Catalogues, reading rooms and other facilities are open to the public, but you need a reader´s card to borrow books and media.

If you are a student (or a member of university staff), your multi-functional "UNI-Card" also acts as your library membership card. The function has to be activated at the circulation desk in the library.

Other persons:

For making out a reader´s card, a 5 euro charge is collected once only. To apply for a reader´s card just fill in the online application form or contact the reference desk in the library. Please bring your ID with you. Minors also have to bring a written confirmation from their legal guardian.

Information Desk

Whenever you have questions, please ask the reference librarians at the information desk, they will answer your questions and help you to make the best use of the library. You can get help on literature research,  the use of databases and other electronic information services. On request the reference librarians offer library trainings and user education.

Our holdings can be searched in the following catalogues: The online public access catalogue (OPAC) indexes all acquisitions since 1990 and an increasing part of older publications. The card catalogue includes parts of our older collections which are not yet catalogued in the OPAC. Furthermore, we offer special databases for videos,  CDs, sheet music and slides.

Working in the Library – Workplaces

On both floors, the university library offers reading areas and desks to work on. In the catalogue hall you can find PC workstations with internet access and other applications (Office). You can find some more workplaces providing internet access in our Media Center, where it is possible to work with audiovisual media (to make an arrangement is recommended).

Generally, books and media are on loan. To borrow books you need a reader´s card. Periodicals, newspapers and important reference books, such as maps, bibliographies, encyclopedias, loose-leaf books and CD-ROM databases are part of the reference collection and can only be used in the library. Books, which are hold in closed stacks can be ordered in the online public access catalogue. Books without a call number have to be searched in the card catalogue. If they have to be ordered from closed stacks you will have to fill in a request form, which can be found on top of the catalogue case. You can collect the ordered books after one hour at the circulation desk.


You can find daily papers in the newspaper reading area ("Leselounge"). The latest issues of periodicals as “Spiegel”, “Stern”, “Zeit” or “Focus”  have to be requested at the circulation desk. The complete collection of periodicals is situated at the ground floor level.

Length of loan period, reservations, renew loan period
The loan period for books is 30 days. Items from audio and video collections may be borrowed for one week (see media center information page). It is possible to renew the loan period three times, as long as there is no reservation from other users. Please renew the loan period of your books using the online public access catalogue. If you want to renew the loan period for a fourth time, you have to present the books at the circulation desk. Books and other types of media, which are currently borrowed by another user, can be reserved in the online public access catalogue. To place a reservation, you need your borrower´s number and your password.

Overdue Charges

Fines are charged as soon as items are overdue. The library sends notices about overdue items. According to the Lower Saxony state regulations we are legally bound to collect overdue charges.

Inter-Library Loan
If you are searching for literature not available in Hildesheim, you can order this literature from other libraries via inter-library loan using either an inter- library request form or an online form. To order literature online, you have to open an inter-library loan account. The charge for one order is 1.50 €. There is also the possibility to enlist document delivery services to deliver the literature to your home address or to your e-mail account.

Copiers, Reader-Printer

are situated at the ground floor level. All copiers are card-operated. Students use their "UNI-Card". Copies from the reader-printer (for Microforms) cost 0,05 € each. (pay at the information desk).

Guided Library Tours
Do not miss the possibility to participate in one of the guided tours and find out how to use the library and the media center. We will put up a notice with dates for guided library tours at the beginning of the semester.

Guided library tour (tel: 883-263)
Guided tour media center (tel: 883-270)
Library trainings and user education (tel: 883-260)

Cloackroom, Bags, Others

Please remember: it is not allowed to bring bags, coats, umbrellas and other baggage into the library. At the entrance you can find lockers. Articles are left at the owner´s risk, please take care of your valuables. We provide plastic baskets, if you have to take things inside.

  • Please treat books and media well, and show consideration for other users!
  • Do not eat in the Library (drinking water is acceptable if the water is in a sealable tranparent bottle)
  • Generally, cell phone conversations are NOT permitted in the Library. However, library patrons may use their smartphones for internet access and other purposes. Please disable notification sounds etc.