Fee Regulations for State and University Libraries

Of 10 November 2004

The Niedersaechsisches Gesetz- und Verordnungsblatt (Nds. GVBl.) 2004, p. 455 contains the revised listing of fees and fines for the libraries of Lower Saxony. The rates are effective as of 1 January 2005. They apply to all parties affiliated with institutions of higher learning. The fee regulations in § 2 stipulate that expenses, especially shipping costs, are to be charged in addition to the fees, whenever there is no other indication in the table of fees. In the regulations, a unit refers to each individual volume or each physical unit that has been borrowed or used.

The German version is binding.


List of fees

Nr. Subject Fee
1 First issuing of a library card 5,00
2 Inter-library loan orders, per order 1,50
3 Overdue notice per unit (mailing costs are included in the fee)  
3.1 for the first overdue notice 2,00
3.2 for the second overdue notice 5,00
3.3 for the third overdue notice 10,00
4 Delay (university libraries)  
  per unit and day 1,00
  at most, however 10,00
  Late fees and reminder fees cannot be charged at the same time for the same unit.  
5 Processing fee for repair or replacement of library property  
5.1 Obtaining replacements, per item 5,00
5.2 Processing of replacements, per item 15,00
6 Processing fee for repair or replacement of locks persuant to the loss of a key. 10,00
7 Replacement of lost or damaged data media  
7.1 Book bar-code strip 2,50
7.2 Library card 5,00
8 Fee for prohibition of use of the library 7,50 bis 25,00
9 Fee for determination of replacement of damaged library materials 7,50 bis 50,00
10 Manuscripts and other special holdings  
10.1 Permission to reproduce 7,50 bis 50,00
10.2 Permission to make copies for commercial purposes 50,00 bis 1000,00