Seminar: Smart Cities and Political Participation in Comparative Perspective: Germany and Brazil

Smart cities can be regarded as the latest important administrative reform and digital innovation in most metropolitan cities globally. The international seminar focuses on open data, open innovation, online and offline participation, sustainability (smart energy, smart mobility, smart architecture etc.) as components of a smart city. International best and bad practices will be analyzed. Here the main regional focus is on Brazil and Germany.

What are goals, structures and institutions of smart cities? What contextual factors are helpful? Who is included and who is excluded? How can successful smart cities be evaluated (indicators)? Are smart cities the more democratic cities? What lessons can be learned? What will be the future of smart cities?

Münster (Germany)– Institute for Political Science (IfPol) 
GRASP Scharnhorststr. 100/Platz der Weißen Rose 1 (Room 101)
and Scharnhorststr 103 (library)

Thursday 27.6.2019 14:00 -20:00 and Friday 28.6. 2019 9:00-17:00

Preliminary program

Do.  27. June  2019 IfPol´: Scharnhorst 100
GRASP room, 101
14:00 Prof Norbert Kersting (Muenster University, WWU -IfPol): Introduction Smart cities and participation: future prospects
15.00 Prof. Jose Carlos Vaz (Universidad Sao Paulo):   Data-based government and the governance of public policies: risks and opportunities for democracy
16:00 Prof. Soraya Vargas Cortes (Universidad Federal Rio Grande do Sur, UFRGS): Smart cities: civic participation and civil rights
17:00 Nicole Najemnik (Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung (FHöV NRW) Gender and Participation in smart cities
19:00 Postershow  Smart cities (Master/PhD students) Scharnhorststr. 100: Foyer 2. floor


28. June 2019

Scharnhorststr. 103: Library
9.00 Prof. Katrin Möltgen-Sicking (FHöV NRW) Local governance and digitalization
10:00 Prof. Marcelo Kunrath Silva (UFRGS) Internet and political participation
1100 Ricardo Matheus (TU Delft) Open Government Data in local Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
14:00 Mara Mendes (WWU) E-procurement and local government
15:00 Andrew Matsiko (WWU Digitalization and local finance
16:00 Brenda Espindula (UFRGS) E-participation and mobilization

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Prof. Norbert Kersting