Important Information for potential Contributors

I. Only submissions by first-author presenters that have registered for the conference and paid their conference fees will be included in the final program. First authors have to present their contributions at the conference.

II. If the number of positively reviewed submissions exceeds the capacity limitations of the venue, submissions will be selected for presentation on the basis of the date of their submission (from early to late).

III. The DGPs organizers reserve the right to accept submissions conditional on a change of submitted presentation type (e.g., from talk to poster), depending on the reviews (at least 1 review per poster, at least 2 reviews per talk or other submission types).

IV. In general, per each first author, only one submission will be accepted for presentation. For example, participants may organize only one symposium or Hot Topic symposium (and present a research talk within it); or present a position paper; or present a poster; or present a research talk. Exceptions are keynotes, discussant in a symposium, demonstrations, flashlights, organization of and contribution to one and the same symposium, more than one contribution to one and the same symposium (e.g. a research talk in a symposium and an introduction to the same symposium), contributions to panel discussions, contributions to interactive fora, and pre-conference workshops. For example, participants may present a poster, a flashlight (e.g., on the same topic) and contribute to an interactive forum; or participants may organize a pre-conference workshop, organize a symposium and present a research talk within the symposium, and serve as discussant in another symposium.